Virtual Adoption!


“Animal Friends Foundation” Burgas is responsible for and takes care of many dogs, cats and other animals every single day. And of course this is related to many resources that we do not receive from the government or other official channel. And the foundation never has that much money to cover the costs for living, food and medical care for all the animals in the process from their living in the streets, through catching, up to fostering and rehoming.

During the years of work, while searching for homes for the animals and helping them and the society, we heard some people saying that they love animals and want to adopt but for some reasons /allergies, lack of space etc./ they couldn’t do that. And we have another problem – in Bulgaria there are too many homeless animals that need treatment, animals with special needs – disabled, old, sick etc.


Most of the time those are incredible social animals, often old, big or without a particular breed and that is why sometimes their chances of being accepted in a home are minimal. Sometimes they would have specific problems and would need medical treatment that requires hospitalization…


The Foundation also takes care of animals roaming the streets; you can “adopt” some of them – we call them “street heroes”.

By “adopting” such an animal, you would give us the chance to shelter them in a safe place and take care of them, because by becoming their virtual adopter you make it possible for us to treat the animal and keep them safe from the dangers in the streets, until we find their forever home.


Because of the lack of funds and volunteers we decided to offer you a chance to “adopt” an animal without really taking them home. It would help us taking care of more dogs and cats.

Here is an option you can use to join the cause, you can help financially for the “adoption” of one of our animals; we call it VIRTUAL ADOPTER.

What is virtual adopting and how you can become a Virtual adopter.

First of all, you choose who to “adopt”. On the links below you can choose an animal for which you want to help covering the cost for food, treatment etc.

Animals in foster care
Animals in need of home

When you choose an animal, you can contact us on our official mail:
The adoption is in force until the animal finds their forever home. If an animal is no longer available for virtual adopting, you would be able to choose between stopping the procedure and choosing another animal. We would be very happy if you choose the second option!

Exemplary info for your help:

5 EUR – the one you chose gets food for half a month;

10 EUR – we vaccinate the “adopted” animal;

30 EUR – we can spay/neuter the animals if it’s a cat;

40 EUR – we spay/neuter your hero if it’s a dog.

“Adopt” alone or together.
Practically you can adopt an animal together, when you combine your efforts with colleagues, classmates, neighbors or friends /for example at school, university, work etc./. For companies we offer additional possibility for advertising!

And of course, if you can “adopt” more than one animal, please do!

The monthly costs for a dog or other animal are much higher that the virtual adoption “fee” and that’s why we didn’t indicate one. We would like to make VIRTUAL ADOPTION accessible for everyone and that is why we leave it up to you to decide what amount you would like to donate.
By sponsoring one /or more/ of our virtual adoption candidates, you will make miracles for those lovely dogs and cats. You will be one of the firsts to know if there are any changes in their lives, for good or worse.

Donations will be used for the needs of the animal you’ve chosen. Better food, vaccines, more comfortable bed and veterinary care, sometimes needed spaying/neutering. The sponsored animal would always come first but if we raise more funds exceeding “your” animal’s needs /we hope to have such cases/, those funds could be redirected to another virtual candidate, for improving their life. Although we will work hard in constant search for loving forever home for those animals; we are afraid and we know by experience that this could take really long time. If we find a real home, THE VIRTUAL ADOPTER will be the first person we will inform for the happy ending and they will have the opportunity to choose between sponsoring another dog/cat they want or stop being virtual adopter.

THE VIRTUAL ADOPTER has the right to fall in love with their dog/cat 🙂 This could be the reason for them to start looking for a home for the animal and we are always open to such help!

And finally…
Join our VIRTUAL ADOPTION PROJECT. You will save a life and will support us in continuing our endless work that /we want to underline that/ is voluntary and unpaid 🙂

To your convenience, we created a Virtual adoption form which you can find here
The ways for donating you can see here
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