The Animal Friends Foundation-Bourgas has been founded solely by volunteers. Our common interests, love of animals and our strive for humane animal treatment, compliant with the European models, have united us into this organization. Few people are willing to do everything in the name of a cause and this is why any kind of help is priceless to us! Our united team is always open for new additions.

Our main goals are connected to a change in societal attitudes and a long-term humane solution to the painful for Bulgaria problem with the homeless pets, an effective and well established legal foundation, commitment on the part of the institutions and an active civil involvement.

The scope of our work covers: care and medical treatment of injured homeless animals, constant concern, and assistance towards the facilities which accommodate them.Sterilization and the consequent control of the pets adopted through our organization, are a mandatory part of our work.We encourage the registration, chipping and the intelligent treatment of household pets.

We put special emphasis on the young generation because we believe that education in humane treatment and responsibility, will bring about the change desired by all of us. We want the young people to develop their personal, social and leadership skills through education, involvement and sharing, and to grow up as worthy and active citizens.


The love towards animals is one of the ways to achieve this.

We are all different people, with various occupation and interests, but there is one thing which united us – our love and passion toward animals.

Here we are:

Miglena Ivanova






Velislav Raykov

Coordinator support, logistical assistance





Elena Lambeva – German translations



Pavlina Drosos

Coordinator Website


Petya Peeva

Coordinator Charity Bazaar