Their life in the street

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  1. sandra says:

    I would like to adopt virtually at least. Valerie the cat, as well as Bo, the cat named the walking dead. Please get back to me asap. 514-300-2172 Canada

    • Radost says:

      Hello Sandra,

      We saw all your comments and sent you a couple of mails on your mail address.

      • sandra says:

        I would like to help Mila the cat I don’t have much money but Iwant to help I am a nursing student. I love animals I have rescued and kept 7 already. I di not receive your e-mails please tell me if Valeri ,Bo ,Mila Galfie are ok. I want to help them. I as of today am trying to find out how a law can be implemented even here in Canada for animals to be neutered to make it mandatory. Too many ignorant people buy animals and don’t take responsibility to care and neuter them. And when and if they get pregnant they simply discard or trash the animals.

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