Foster home


Foster care!

The great gift – to give a chance for life, to give care and joy to an animal in need and eventually to let it live happily in it’s new home!

The satisfaction to give a hand and to see your charge healthy and full of joy and energy running around you. All the hardships you have passed through together are far behind and fade away.

Often the foster family saves the animal literally from death and by this preordains it’s life! The foster family takes care of it’s rehabilitation as well as socialization and training. To be foster family is responsible and not an easy task, it takes lots of love, patience and sense of correct steps to take during the process of living together, acquaintance and help.

Foster care is different at each case. In case you decide to offer your home for sick or wounded animal then you have to consider following : are you ready for complications, do you have enough time, strength, commitment and will to help to that particular animal.

If you are willing to give your care to youngster, then you have to be ready for several walks every day, house training and great patience. You will need patience as well for scared and suspicious pet, animal with tough life full of fear, pain, survival at the streets.

We would like to point out some important matters and questions:

How long is the foster care commitment?

Nobody can give definite answer to that question. Each case is different, and sometimes it could take several months to find adopter.

Do you have possibility to separate your own pets (if you have) from foster animal in case it’s necessary?

Sometimes young animals need to be separated from adults, because they still have no immunity and adult animal, even healthy could harm them.

In case of emergency could you take the animal to veterinary?

When the moment of adoption comes, will you be able to overcome the emotional attachment?

In case you decide to become foster parent, upon reception of the animal you will have to sign contract for temporary care. Your help will be much greater if you are foster parent repeatedly.

During the whole process of care, training and socialization we – the volunteers of our Foundation will keep in touch with you, help with advises, information and any other urgent support!