Monthly Archive: June 2013

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A living present

A living present Again a very classic story – two 2 months old kittens left by the front door of a house in a cardboard box. We are wondering what to say – to...

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Sramejlivka and Svenlivka

Sramejlivka and Svenlivka Another two homeless pearls. Each one more beautiful than the other… Abandoned as babies in a litter of 9, Sramejlivka and Svenlivka were lucky enough to come across good humans who...

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I am Marchi and I’m homeless

I am Marchi and I’m homeless A couple of days ago Marchi was abandoned by a man in front of his rescuer’s eyes. Rozalia Ivanova was walking her dog exactly in the time when...

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A homeless heart by the road

A homeless heart by the road The eternal roads of Bulgaria. Known and unknown, narrow and wide on which ways homeless souls wander – two and four – legged. Roads strewn with countless stories...

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Borko survived

Borko survived This tiny guy was found in the street last week in a desperate condition… One of his hind legs literally hung from the bone and was held only by a pellicle! A...

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Leah from the cardboard box

Leah from the cardboard box A couple of weeks ago Leah was abandoned in a cardboard box in front of a city store. Whether she came from somebody’s home, villa… We can only guess....

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Another catish odyssey

Another catish odyssey Another “ordinary” tale from the daily life of those people who just cannot pass by… “Once more a trivial and classic story. Morning. Garbage containers next to a ruined building and...

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Four kittens need homes

Four kittens need homes Those cuties are now in a safe place but they need their homes because they cannot stay there for long… They are two girls and two boys, 2 months old....

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June surprise!

June surprise Two more wonderful donations we are very grateful for! Our friends from BINX lent us a helping hand just in time! Thank you so much again!

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News about Buba

News about Buba Buba is now with us – after long searching, difficulties, and no options as always… We cannot find Bobo but his sister, her seven babies and her mother Tatia are now...

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News about Tatia

News about Tatia Almost a year ago we introduced to you Tatia and her children. Nobody wanted to help them with shelter so their fate was a mystery to us. Until a few months...

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The babies’ odyssey

The babies’ odyssey… So many struggle and history in those few lives… As you know, Roma became a mommy to Nikita’s babies and the souls she took under her wing increased from 4 to...

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Ginger Ginger

Ginger Ginger This little tigress came across a few good humans who managed to help her together. Ginger was a homeless wild kitten with infected eyes. After some unsuccessful tries, Pepi Kaneva finally caught...

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One lucky miserable boy

One lucky miserable boy Meet Lucky. Lucky shares the fate of hundred others like him. May be not quite… Lucky was lucky enough to be heard and seen by good humans who couldn’t remain...

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The fate of the voiceless

The fate of the voiceless The voiceless. All those who we see or didn’t see passing by hurried up and thoughtful in our problematic daily lives… All those who found shelter near a parking...

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Another angel!

Another angel! We express our hearty thanks to our friend Alexander Iorgov who donated 80 kg of food for our doggies.

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Ole needs forever home!

Ole needs forever home! Meet handsome Ole. He’s a boy about 8 – 9 months old. He was found under a car that was just about to leave. The owner wasn’t at all impressed...

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Little Peshi

Little Peshi This is another completely ordinary story… Abandoned baby kitten and that’s it… One of the hundreds if not thousands! But still one of the tens who are lucky enough to meet a...

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Abandoned Tsvety

Abandoned Tsvety This female cat is called Tsvety. She was hit by a car and left to the cares of a kind woman, allegedly for a short while… But the people never came back...