Monthly Archive: November 2011

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    Brownie Toshko Tara Hella  Belluche Rita Bojidar 

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R.I.P., Little Sarah

R.I.P., Little Sarah Just when we dare think that we brought to an end a stage of our work, of dogs’ life, something happens and makes us feel angry and at the same time...

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Asya from Sozopol is already operated

Asya from Sozopol is already operatedThe calm dog – Asya – that went through hell, underwent another surgery on Friday. Now Asya’s both legs have a chance of recovery.The doctors think that in a...


Our new project

All the friends and supporters of our cause know what is the main problem we face. And that is – the Place! We are not able to respond to a lot of the calls...

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Christmas luckies

Christmas luckies Just before the end of the year, four Bulgarian dogs are leaving our country! We have mixed feelings about this otherwise happy news: they have to leave away because they are not...

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Emmy thrown out

Emmy thrown out, looking for a homeEmmy is a female dog, at about 4 years of age. She is looking for a forever home and a family to give her eternal love and devotion....

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Betty is looking for home

Betty is looking for homeRead the story of Betty, writen by the woman, who rescued her: Betty is just a 5-month old female dog, but she has already experienced all bad things in life.She...

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Asya – dog from Sozopol

Asya – dog from Sozopol Asya is another victim of human meanness!A dog can hardly be so careless to break its two front legs at the same time. And as if this is not...

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Blacky – the dream dog

Blacky – the dream dogOur sweet Blacky no longer has blue things sticking out of his leg, in other words – the stitches are removed. His foster mommy is Pavlina Popova, who has been...