Monthly Archive: September 2011

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Lost or abandoned?

Lost or abandoned? It was Fatima Mustafova who saw this little guy while going to work and called us. A casual passer – by said that he has been staying there for 3 days..!

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The price of saved lives – 1

The price of saved lives – part 1 Hello to all of you who keep a close watch on our work and support us. You are probably asking yourselves about the title of this...

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25.09.2011 Another visit in Municipality Shelter. It’s a rainy day and most of the inhabitants are huddled up somewhere. No matter if it’s heat, rain or snow… dogs are social animals and are always looking for human contact. So, and...

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A short August story

A short August story   Vanya StoyanovaAntoniya Koleva Ivanova We also want to thank Katerina Krassimirova Markova who bought our medallions supporting our work that way…Despite the short list of donors in August, we’ve...

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Linda Sometimes it’s not enough to be a small one to have a home…Sometimes the age is an obstacle…and in many cases having a tumor is an obstacle too…All this is valid in Linda’s...

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Sarah This is Sarah. She is looking for a home… Once she had one, but that was long time ago… She is currently a mom of some babies… and she lives in the street…...