Monthly Archive: May 2011

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Garry is looking for home again

Gary is looking for home againSo again Gary – the male Dalmatian, who was found to wander through the streets of Burgas – is unwanted. After a long search we failed to find home for him in Burgas...

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30.05.2011 Here came the time for our weekly visit in Burgas Shelter. This time – Monday’s and a little bit in hurry… We walked the dos, caressed, took pictures… Here are some of the muzzles:

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Workshop + club Muzzles

WORKSHOP FOR GOODNESS + CLUB MUZZLES We would like to thank to everybody, who join our combined gathering – Workshop for goodness + Club Muzzles!Take a look and see what happened during last weekend

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Pako has been operated

Pako has been operated/unpleasant photos/So we can anounce that Pako has been succesfully operated. The little kitty has been found week ago at the street with broken jaw and haemorrhage in the eye. Two sympathetic...

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Gary in Balchik

Gary is in BalchikWe hope you did not forget Gary – male Dalmatian who was found wandering in a Burgas’ residental quarter…dirty, hungry and miserable. After the medical testing it was found that Gary is positive for heart worms – disease...

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New donation boxes

New money – boxes for direct donations Thanks to Boryana Krasteva’s sympathy two new donation boxes are placed in her RED LABEL stores in Burgas. Boryana has helped us many times, paying the medical...

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Mother from storehouses

Mother from storehouses We continue treatment of the scabby mother from storehouses. You can read her story in the related articles below /There are no dogs in Burgas 1,2,3/. Slowly and gradually her condition improves,...

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Little Vyara with second vaccine

Little Vyara – with second vaccine Do you remember little Vyara – she was found on busy road, overbold and ready to cross it alone?Another moment and the little puppy would have been only a...

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Long-waited news from Harry!

Long-waited news from Harry! At last the beloved short-legged Harry is ready his treatment against heart-worms to start. To remind, that Harry was one of the three dogs, approved to leave for Germany … but unfortunately his...

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22.05.2011 We changed the usual Saturday Shelter visit to….Sunday’s. The dogs in Municipality Shelter expected us! There were a lot’s of babies and juniors – several obviously sick. We brought sack of dry dog food and...

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Paco – LIttle kitty with big problem

Paco – little kitty with big problemThe little Paco (as we named it) is taken by two women to the same veterinary clinic where we treat our animals, and then they contacted us with appeal for...

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Ginger Julie is leaving

Ginger Julie is leavingHere comes ginger girl Julie’s time to start her long waited trip to sweet new home and loving family. She is already eagerly waited in Germany! Today Rjka left for Sofia and in...

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Mini Micra with big family

Mini Micra with big family Our Micra – mini miss, has found her big family – Mihaela Grohcheva, husband and their son. One day at the street – next day in a winderful home….that’s to be...

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New donation box

New donation box Thanks to Veselina Vasileva, owner of shop SHOES AND HANDBAGS AT LOWEST PRICES we installed one more donation box. Everybody, who wants to contribute to our activities is welcome in Vesy’s shop. There you will find...

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07.05.2011 Thanks to Daniel Yordanov, Veronika Shketieva and your support today we brought food and de-wormed 60 dogs in Burgas Municipality Shelter.  The mother of 8 puppies, already left 6, eats directly from the bag… it’s...

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The little Maya – with new owners

The little Maya – with new ownersThe sun has risen above Maya at last. Despite of the rainy and gloomy weather, today she goes to her new home…we’re glad that it’s in Bourgas. The...

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VOLUNTEERS WORKSHOP (ДНИ НА ПРИЛОЖНИТЕ ИЗКУСТВА) или Работилничка за добрини     Нашата импровизирана работилничка отвори за първи път врати и надмина очакванията ни.  

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At a crossroad – Vyara (Hope)

At a crossroad – Vyara (Hope)     Her story is not too much different from thousands of others. “Freshly” thrown out, with smell of milk, Vyara crossed our way and stood in front...