Monthly Archive: January 2011

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Nero is now trendy!

Nero is now trendy! And by this we mean… castrated  We talked and we will continue to talk about benefits of CASTRATION. Every single animal we have gets castrated when turns the suitable age....

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Their fairytale begins now

Their fairytale begins now! (let’s write it together to the end) We took them today from the shelter for good…them – the future German girls…Roshka is an young dog with small measures, perfect for...

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Will Оliver begin to see?

Will Oliver begin to see? Oliver came to Burgas and now we take care of him. His condition is not good. A sooner intervention by a competent veterinarian probably might have averted the infection...

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30.01.2011 Braving the cold weather our numerous volunteers head for the animal shelter on Sunday, with one and only wish to bring happiness to the little creatures warmly expecting their arrival. Many thanks to...

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Oliver (oli)

Oliver (Oli) This is Oliver, he is an outcome of home breeding. He is 50 days old and he will never be able to see. Again we ask you – CASTRATE your pets, let...

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Oldest Harry went home

Oldster Harry went homeHaralampi given – Haralampi taken Our dear Oldie , left at Bourgas shelter , has already a new home; He was driven to his new owner by a member of the...

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Farewell Fifi!

Farewell Fifi! Well she’s gone now – by bus to Sofia and from there to Germany. Let’s wish her good luck for a safe and easy travel:  

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23.01.2011 Today was a good day too! Liubomir Simeonov provided the transportation to the shelter this week – we are very thankful! We brought 30 kilos of high-quality granulated food – 15 kilos from...

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Oldster Harry’s odyssey

Oldster Harry’s odyssey We saw Oldster Harry during  out visits at the shelter like that :   Old, helpless, without teeth…it is a crime to left your pet , when he has the greatest need...

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Sarah has already been vaccinated!

Sarah has already been vaccinated! Here is the proud owner of her first vaccination, which is strictly guarded until using it. And in order not to be worried, that using the syringe will have...

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Precious vaccines for Sarah

Precious vaccines for Sarah The little romp got her vaccines. We would like to thank Galina Slavcheva! She has helped us a lot of times –with transport, financial and moral. You can see the...

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Matilda in Germany

Matty is happy! Unfortunately we are not able to help eveyone…we have limited number of foster homes and that is the main reason, today Misho left us:( On the same day we received new...

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Undetectable disease torments Miss Fifi

Undetectable disease torments Miss Fifi  We’ve promised to post the results of Fifis tests, the girl who is in a bad health condition during the last few weeks – she looses a lot of...

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The little princess Sarah

The little princess – Sarah (Adopted)Taken from the street, together with her mom – the only one alive. We found her in shelter Bourgas. She is so sweet , after the first look and...

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The little princess Sarah

The little princess – SarahTaken from the street, together with her mom – the only one alive. We found her in shelter Bourgas. She is so sweet , after the first look and you...

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16.01.2011 * all photos can be enlarged, once you click on them Despite the rain and the unpleasant weather, today we visited our friends again. We distributed granulated food, took pictures, collected information… and...

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Again, presents from “Laconapet”

Again, presents from “Laconapet” They say that repetition was the mother of knowledge. Well, we will not get tired of repeating the words of gratitude to Mr. Dobromir Popov, owner of the shop Laconapet. Today we received another donation of 30 kg high class dry food.