Monthly Archive: December 2010

Donation for 30 cats and 6 dogs 0

Donation for 30 cats and 6 dogs

Donation for 30 cats and 6 dogs Few days ago, a woman from Zvezdica village(near Varna) contacted us seeking help. She is taking care of 30 cats and 6 dogs. We respond to her...

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Donation boxes

Donation boxes /locations/Donation boxes were placed in the following places with the kind support of their managers. We thank them, for their help!     photos from all the places in Gallery section 

Christmas presents from Holland! 0

Christmas presents from Holland!

Christmas presents from Holland! Our dutch friends from Binx, did not forget us for Christmas!They delighted us and many animals with big present. Food, treats, toys…   


Our november

Our november Here’s short resume of our November’s activities. With your help, huge efforts, volunteers’ work and believe that everything is worth – we managed to give happier life to several souls…. After the...