How to contribute

It is great that you want to help!

There are a lot of ways to change the reality. Each and every ones help is very important!

We have a few points that are vital for the Foundation’s work and for helping more animals.

WHAT are they and HOW you can help us:

  1. Donate food. We need kilograms of dog and cat food on daily basis. No matter how much you can spare for us, it would always be useful;
  2. Donate vaccines, microchips, antibiotics or buy them and give them to us /if you wish we could send you the names of what we need/;
  3. Donate money for transportation and preparation of the animals adopted abroad. We just cannot handle the cost by ourselves but we must decide whether they would live months, even years without a home here in Bulgaria or we will struggle to find them homes abroad no matter the impasse we face every day.
  4. Sponsor castration /spay and neutering/ of an animal and become their Benefactor. You will save a life! What you need to do: Choose one of the animals that are in a foster home or need a home and write to us, that’s it 🙂
  5. Offer us any kind of help that is convenient to you, we never refuse one 🙂



Friends, if you are travelling often to various points in Bulgaria, Germany or Holland and you are willing to help us with transportation of our animals adopted outside Bourgas, please contact us using the email form or the phone numbers shown in the site.

Promote the benefits of:


shelters for homeless animals
In each and every one of them they are thousands of animals with no difference from their pure breed fellows. Visit them, share about them, take your friends with you.

Adopt an animal which is not pure breed (mixed)

Share the information about:

  • registration
  • why to put a chip on my dog
  • the responsibility to have a pet

If you witness cruelty against animals place an complaint

Bring the sick or injured animal to the local vet clinic

Try to find a home for the animal which you saved. Look for a temporary or permanent home, post a note in every forum and site for animals, be sure, that the future owners are serious and aware with the responsibility to have a pet!

Be a responsible owner! Register and castrate your dog. Clear after it, socialize it. Let it not interfere with anyone. So it won`t be a problem creating relationships with people around you and there will be no reason to give up your pets.