Complaint (if you become witness to violence towards an animal)

Every one of us wants to live in a civilized, constitutional country. Filing a signal/complaint to the relevant institution is the least we can do if we become witnesses to a cruel, unjust treatment towards a living creature. Let us be active citizens, which are not indifferent to the world around them.

Writing a signal/complaint is not a difficult task and it is not necessary to have a degree in law to be able to handle it. Still, for it to be formatted well and taken into consideration, the document needs to comply with the basic rules, connected with official correspondence. We will try to make it easier for you with some guidelines and a ready template, which you can download HERE.

1.Grounds for the signal: try to find a jurisdictional reason i.e. some argument in a Bulgarian law or regulation, which handles your signal.
2.Competent institution: it is very important to define to whom exactly you should send the signal. This is again written in the law which handles your case. The institution which can help you i.e. is responsible for your case – this is the main instance and from it you can demand responsibility for the lack of response.
3.Copies: if you believe there are other institutions which are connected to the signal, but are not directly responsible for the control and would serve more as a statistical guideline – you can inform them of what is going on and include them as copies in your signal to the main institution to which you are filing.
4.Recipient of the signal: it is usually the person who represents the institution – mayor, general director, minister, who would allocate it to the respective division for inspection.


1.Do not yield to emotions, let the text be formal, argumentative, succinct and not longer than one page
2.Write using digits, dates, addresses, contact numbers, numbers and if possible proofs in the form of photographs, records and witnesses.