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St. George’s day luckies!

St. George’s day luckies! Many celebrations and holidays but for us – real reasons for celebration and joy! For some four-legged creatures, those are black days, but we didn’t celebrate like this. Instead, we...

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New Year, new luck!

New Year, new luck! Despite all the difficulties and brutality we came across this New Year, we still choose to remain positive! And how could we not be – so many lives depend on...

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Their first happy Christmas

Their first happy Christmas Happiness is a broad concept for us, humans. We think up of so many conventions in order to be happy. But the animals on the other hand have a very...

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A view from Bulgaria

A view from Bulgaria With the great support of K9 magazine and wonderful job and help by Lauren Kearny (again! ), our work received a chance for more publicity and help we hope!

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My life around the corner

My life around the corner Epileptics, crippled, injured, Dirofilaria sick, former walking skeletons and homeless souls, but present luckies – those were the animals we sent to their new homes! 

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New friends!

New friends! Our efforts and work attracted some more supporters who willingly lent us a helping hend and supported us! We thank the whole Kearney family and mostly their initiative daughters 🙂

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Brutality! Graphic photos 18+

Brutality! Graphic photos 18+ Yesterday we got a signal for dead pups in the area of “5th kilometer”. When we went there, we found this… One of the pups had shattered skull and the...

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Furry weekend

Furry weekend Good weather was our companion during the weekend and we took advantage of it. For a long time we’d been delaying some important things for the animals we take care of, but...

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Campaign Full tummies!

Compaign Full tummies! We invite all of you, who wish, to come and join us! You will see some of our animals, we will meet If you want to see someone special from the...

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Mission “donkey” – successful! :)

Mission “donkey” – successful! This time we will introduce to you a liiiitle different story than the usual we show you every day. So this time it was… a donkey that needed help!  Well, we...

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Laconapet helped us again!

Laconapet helped us again! Once again Mr Popov from Laconapet online shop saved us just in time with the food he heartily donated! We sincerely thank him for his willingness to respond when we...

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A short August story

A short August story   Vanya StoyanovaAntoniya Koleva Ivanova We also want to thank Katerina Krassimirova Markova who bought our medallions supporting our work that way…Despite the short list of donors in August, we’ve...

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Workshop + club Muzzles

WORKSHOP FOR GOODNESS + CLUB MUZZLES We would like to thank to everybody, who join our combined gathering – Workshop for goodness + Club Muzzles!Take a look and see what happened during last weekend

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New donation boxes

New money – boxes for direct donations Thanks to Boryana Krasteva’s sympathy two new donation boxes are placed in her RED LABEL stores in Burgas. Boryana has helped us many times, paying the medical...

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New donation box

New donation box Thanks to Veselina Vasileva, owner of shop SHOES AND HANDBAGS AT LOWEST PRICES we installed one more donation box. Everybody, who wants to contribute to our activities is welcome in Vesy’s shop. There you will find...

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Donation box in Zoomarket Matilda 3

Donation box in zoomarket “Matilda-3”  Thanks to the kind cooperation of Albena Ivanova – manager of the most tasty zoomarket – Matilda-3 (Burgas, r.q. “Lazur” bl.126) – we installed one more donation box, where you can...

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Pure-breed donate for mongrel

Pure-breed donate for mongrel Again Anatoliy and Olga Piteevi from Sarafovo donate high class dry cat food. Their cat is performing excellent in feline shows and the family donate rewarded cat food. Our cats Maya,...

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Bulgaria finally joined the civilized world!

Bulgaria finally joined the civilized world! Today is the day to be remembered for all who have worked hard for the incrimination of animal cruelty. On 13-th of April 2011, Bulgarian Parliament voted a...