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It is not difficult at all to provide a good care for your purr friend. What you get in return is much more.   Of course , the decision to get pet, comes with...

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Love – just a paw away

Love – just a paw away “A long time ago – at the end of 40’s and the beginning of 50’s, a group of scientists decided to run an experiment on an island where...

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Dogs are our best friends. Those animals are extremely loyal, lovable and dedicated.   Of course, with the decision of having pet, comes the responsibility, which we need to take. Let’s be informed and...

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The priceless role of our foster parents

Our foster parents We have been thinking about writing an article about the noble people, whose help we find priceless. These are the foster parents and their homes. They are the people who helped...

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Donation boxes

Donation boxes /locations/Donation boxes were placed in the following places with the kind support of their managers. We thank them, for their help!     photos from all the places in Gallery section 

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Why to adopt a mix breed animal?

It is wonderful to have a pure-breed animal descending from a licensed puppy breeder. If you would like to have a pure-breed pet this is the only place we recommend you to buy it...