Become a volunteer

You can join us!

We always welcome new people, new energy. We need serious volunteers who are devoted to this cause, because only those who truly believe in it will not give up at the first obstacle! If you love animals and their destiny does not leave you indifferent, we look forward to your support. The only prerequisites are your good intentions, your determination and the love towards animals! The ideas, strength and devotion of every single person are important to us! We would be happy for you to join us and help us through your professional knowledge and skills!

  • Kindergarten or school teachers, who would be responsible for the educational campaigns of the Foundation;
  • Journalists, who would carry out PR campaigns and communicate with the media;
  • Volunteers from advertising agencies;
  • Jurists, who would be handling the legal needs of the Foundation;

The Foundation needs volunteers who are willing to:

  • Help with the website support and maintenance;
  • Take care of the graphic design for banners, posters, brochures, t-shirts, etc.;
  • Research new opportunities for financing;
  • Carry out translations in various languages;
  • Search and investigate adopters;
  • Handle the coordination of campaigns, which the foundation periodically organizes: informative, educational, fundraising and adoption campaigns;
  • Organise fundraising events – selling t-shirts, pendants,stickers and other accessories with the Foundation’s initials;
  • Organise and implement information campaigns of the Foundation;
  • Become foster families and involve others to become such;
  • Help with transport;
  • Organise a visit to the shelter which includes feeding the animals, walking them, taking photos and recording information about gender, age, etc.;
  • Respond to a signal: there are incoming signals about abused animals every day, and about animals harmed during accidents, which need immediate help;
  • Publish ads in websites about animals seeking a home;

Animal Friends Foundation – Bourgas is a foundation which you can join if:

You are not indifferent to the sufferings of homeless pets, you have a desire to help them, you have new ideas about solving the problem, you are tired of fighting alone, you are convinced that animals have their own rights, you are sure that even one saved life is worth it and you believe that every living creature needs a loving home… or you simply have a good heart!

Tell us about your ideas, if you haven’t seen them here! We respect creativity and progress!